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Twitter’s new update…They call it the “Fly Twitter”

With Facebook’s delay of their new Timeline layout, it seems that Twitter is getting a head start in wowing Twitter followers with their new Fly Twitter.

This morning I woke up and finished my last final ( momentary celebration 😀 ) ; and happened to see #newtwitter as a trending topic after getting on my macbook. Of course with me being such a Twitter geek, I was completely intrigued and wanted to know more. For all those that are wondering about this new Twitter update, you will not be disappointed.

Based on the limited information I’ve been given, Fly Twitter is a much faster operating system that allows you to organize your functions better and has many new additions.


This is the new homescreen. As you can see, you pretty much access pictures the same way you would’ve in the last beta version; however you can now access videos the same way. Instead of the boring old hyperlink where you click to view videos. You can now watch videos in the same window that you see this picture of a space shuttle in above.


This is the new “Connect” section. In this section is where you interact with your followers and those who you follow. As you’ve probably already noticed in our current version, Twitter has updated the @mentions section where our “Retweets, Mentions, and Favorites” are all in one place. That update was originally meant for this new Fly Twitter update so we’ve gotten a taste of this feature already.
It's all yours
The new Discover section caters to you by having new, useful, and entertaining information available to you. In this update, Twitter has integrated a system where Discover finds streams of information that you might find useful. What pops up in Discover is determined by it’s evaluation of who you are, your interests, locations, what you follow and whats going on in the world.
All about YOU:
Your profile
In this section, apparently our interests are put front and center where people can view our favorites, followers, photos, tweets, etc..This one doesn’t sound all that exciting to me actually lol. Just sounds like the regular Twitter we’re already using buuutt..One of you may feel different.
I’m a little excited about using this new twitter if you couldn’t already tell lol. But I guess I’ll just wait until I find a way to hack it.
“There’s more to life than what meets the eye..Gotta see with your 3rdiview.”

3rd’s movie review: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

“A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” is not your typical holiday film; but it is by far one of the most hilarious ones.

The duo returns to theaters in this R-Rated 3D stoner comedy-holiday film, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, written by Hayden Schlossbery and Jon Hurwitz, and starring John Cho (Harald Lee), Kal Penn (Kumar Patel), and the rest of the goofy cast. For those that have seen the previous Harold & Kumar movies, you can expect the same cheerfully offensive ethnic stereotyping, nudity, excessive drug use, graphic language content, along with naked nuns, and sacrilegious Jesus and Virgin Mary reenactments.

The main plot involves Harold and Kumar on a search to replace Harold’s father-in-law’s Christmas tree that Kumar burnt down with a magical joint. However, during their search, they are drugged by under aged teens, chased by Ukrainian mobsters, and put in multiple situations that not only compromise their safety, but their lives as well.

The movie starts off with Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) visiting Santa at the mall; who we later discover is actually a drug dealer that sells him marijuana in the parking garage. After finding out his girlfriend is pregnant and getting a mysterious package for his ex-roommate, he decides to visit Herald to deliver the package. After opening the package, the two were shocked to find a gigantic joint packaged inside of it.

Things make a turn for the worst when Kumar decides to smoke the joint and accidentally burns down the Christmas tree Herald’s father-in-law worships.

In the last two movies, Herald and Kumar were very close friends, however, in this movie the two have grown distant over the years. Kumar no longer is pursuing a career as a doctor, has poor hygiene, and lives in a messy apartment. In contrast to Kumar’s life, Herald is now married to Maria, played by Paula Garcés, owns a huge house, and has a successful career with a window office.

The jobless pothead image seems to fit Kal Penn well on screen; however, off screen he works as Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Nonetheless, his acting skills are superb in the comedy department.

In the previous films, Penn’s character Kumar is a remarkably intelligent and gifted surgeon that frequently smokes marijuana and hangs out with his best friend Harold Lee. However, in this film, he is a jobless pot-smoker that is dealing with the pressure from the news of his girlfriend Vanessa, played by Danielle Harris, being pregnant.

Penn’s acting in this film was very comical and you could easily relate to the character, as well as believe that this person truly lived the life of a stoner.

Contrary to Kumar, Harold is no longer the shy and nervous person he used to be. John Cho displays Harold as an ambitious businessmen who is ready to start a family with his newly-wed wife Maria

The directors decision to make this modern day Cheech and Chong film in 3D was an excellent one. The 3D moments were visually stimulating and helped the audience to engage further into the movie. Moments with the giant phallus and magical 3D smoke blown at the audience were points in the movie that had that wow factor.

There were unexpected parts like the Claymation scene. Now a days, Claymation is not often used in films, but it was very creative and extremely funny to watch. As someone who finds 3D a little distasteful, I found the effects very effective in improving the quality of the movie.

Just like with the previous films, 3D has shameless ethical jokes involving Mexicans, Koreans, and Indians, but they’re all presented in a charming way that makes each tolerable.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was both hilarious and entertaining. For those that have been waiting 4 long years for the return of this duo, you wouldn’t be disappointed with this movie.

Topless man pours chocolate on Principal Sharron Smalls of Jane Addams HS in the Bronx on her new Facebook picture

Principal Sharron Smalls, who was recently accused of credit-fudging, has managed to get in an even more fucked up situation by posting a picture on Facebook of a man pouring chocolate on her.

Earlier this week, the city Education officials began investigating Principal Sharron Smalls of Jane Addams High School in the Bronx, after a course credit scandal that could possibly jeopardize the graduation of more than half of the senior graduation class. Such a scandal not only could ruin their chances of graduation, but also destroy their chances of getting into a good college.

On Friday, the senior class retaliated by covering the entire school with her new Facbeook profile picture. The profile picture featured her with a man pouring chocolate all over her body.

In the previous scandal, Smalls, 43, was accused of handling students credits for chemistry, cosmetology, and geography. Teachers say this could possibly prevent 100 seniors from graduating.

According to school performance reports, the Jane Addams seems to be far behind in citywide averages. In 2011, the school earned F’s in every category.

In this case, it’s plain to see that a low performing school is a direct reflection of it’s leadership. Due to this scandal, half of Jane Addams High School senior class may not graduate; not to mention countless other students will feel the heat from this irresponsible principal if she is not removed.

3rd..Back for the first time


For someone that tweets 24/7 and updates his statues on Facebook frequently, it’s surprising that this is my first blog. For those that don’t know me, my name is “3rd,” and YES, that is my REAL name, no alias, nothing made up :).

For the longest, people have been insisting that I start a blog. Due to my excruciatingly busy schedule; this request was postponed. However, in my present state of procrastination with these final exam reviews, a blog sounds like a wonderful way to relieve the pressures of college life.

But I’m not here to speak about school. I’m very excited to be a part of the blogging world and I hope my future blogs relate and resonate with you all. I love hearing feedback so don’t hold black.

If there’s something you agree with, let me know, if there’s something you disagree with, I’d like to know that too. Arguments aren’t meant to be confrontational; there’s always something to learn from any disagreement.

But hey, it’s 12am and I know I said I wouldn’t mention school..But these books and papers are stacked up on my desk -_-…So that’s my que to sign off! Once my finals are done, I will be sure to post many random and interesting topics lol.

No boredom shall exist in 3rd-i-view!

“In life there’s more that meets the eye..You gotta open your 3rd-i-view.”

Open up your 3rd eye visi…

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